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Two Worlds (Blanco x Reposado)

Two Worlds (Blanco x Reposado)

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One bottle of Blanco and one bottle of Reposado to sip on.

Our Blanco was recently named The Best Tequila for Sipping Neat by Robb Report. That same article by Richard Carlton Hacker goes on to explain that “the better the blanco, the better its transformation into any of tequila’a aged expressions.” Our Reposado takes that exceptional Blanco Tequila and ages it in French Oak Barrels that were used to make a Napa Valley 100-point Cabernet Sauvignon.

The Blanco represents the very essence of the agave and the Reposado showcases the craft behind aging tequila. We believe experiencing these two approaches side by side will bring each world to life with every sip and leave you with a stronger appreciation for what each expression can be.


NOM: 1123
HARVESTED IN - Jalisco Lowlands
AGAVE REGION - Zona Valles
AGAVE TYPE - Tequilana Weber


COOKING - Brick Oven
- 30% Tahona / 70% Roller Mill
WATER SOURCE - Deep Well Water
- Stainless Steel
DISTILLATION - Double Distilled
STILL TYPE - Copper Pot
ADDITIVE FREE - Confirmed by Tequila Matchmaker


SUGARS - 100% Pure Blue Agave
PROOF - 80 (40% abv)
- 750 ml

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