you know that we’re bullish on celebrating life and all its milestones. 

Today, I’m thrilled to introduce you to my latest project, El Negocio Tequila, which takes that “Remember to Live” ethos and dials it up to eleven.

I’ve always loved tequila, but never loved the industrial way that it’s produced. After seeing what we’ve accomplished with Memento Mori, I wanted to see what would happen if we took a vintner’s approach to the tequila-making process.


El Negocio was created by me, Adam Craun (Memento Mori Co-Founder), and Nicholas Lutz (Memento Mori’s first customer!).

As a Napa Valley vintner of a 100-point Cabernet Sauvignon, El Negocio was conceived to embrace the complexities of terroir, and not only appreciate, but celebrate vintage variation.
It’s why Nicholas and I wanted to make


While most tequila producers aim to mask variation between vintages, we love the complexity that’s inherent if the liquid remains unadulterated, and how it speaks to the weather, the terroir, the agave.

We hope El Negocio collectors will seek out different vintages just as high-end wine collectors do. It’s also why we wanted to work with lowlands blue Weber agave – its earthier, more savory flavor profile is better suited to the more sophisticated palate of a serious wine drinker.

We’ve enlisted the expert guidance of Chava Rosales, a third-generation Master Distiller who makes the best tequila Mexico has to offer. His star is rising quickly, just like Memento Mori Winemaker Sam Kaplan when we first met him.

Aside from the Blanco, each expression of El Negocio spends time in the very same French oak barrels that aged Memento Mori’s 100-point Cabernet. It’s a practice more commonly associated with high end Scottish Whisky (using ex-Classified Growth Bordeaux barrels), perfect for any lover of both Napa Valley wine and fine sipping tequila.

The result is a collection that bridges the worlds of tequila and wine – an unholy alliance, if you will.