• El Negocio Blanco Tequila


    Raisins / Almond / Peach

    Our flagship tequila that is the purest expression of the region.

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  • El Negocio Reposado Tequila


    Honey / Vanilla

    The French Oak Barrel truly plays a part in developing the flavor of this expression.

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  • El Negocio Joven Tequila


    Pepper / Honey / Fresh Herbs

    A pleasant combination of bitter and sweet perfectly blended.

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  • El Negocio Anejo Tequila


    Golden Peanut / Cooked Agave

    Maturing takes the center stage and brings a mellowness to the perfect sip.

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  • El Negocio Blanco Rosa Tequila


    Wine / Peanut / Flora

    All the heritage of our Blanco united with the aging methods of fine wine.

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  • El Negocio Extra Anejo Tequila

    Extra Añejo

    Pineapple / Menthol / Tea Leaves

    Over a decade has shaped this expression tequila with tradition.

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