Two Worlds • One Spirit

Wine and Tequila. The two could hardly be more different. Yet inside a bottle of El Negocio Tequila these two worlds come together. One bringing nuanced restraint and the other an unbridled edge. The result is an unholy alliance. A beautiful tension of two worlds playing off each other’s strengths to create an unparalleled, ultra-premium, additive-free spirit unlike anything else.

About El Negocio

Additive-Free Tequila


While agave grows to maturity the sun, rain, and terroir all play a vital part in shaping the flavor profile. Many distilleries use additives like syrup and coloring to mask these differences and create a homogenous taste across their products. This means you've most likely never tasted tequila, only their imitation of it.

Our roots in the world of fine wine taught us to celebrate these nuances instead of hide them. We work hand in hand with our Master Distiller, Chava Rosales, to allow each vintage to be a unique and truthful expression of this long journey that you can taste.